Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q. When removing a wall how will I know if the wall to be removed is load bearing / structural?
A. I will offer a Free Quote. In 90% of cases a visual inspection on site will usually allow me to tell you if the wall is structural and a beam is required

2. Q. If the wall is load bearing what should I do next?
A. A structural Engineer will be required to size the beam and advise appropriate method of propping and removing wall

3. Q. Can you provide a quote first before the engineer becomes involved?
A. Yes, I am experienced enough and confident that my quote will be accurate after
the engineer’s report. This allows you to have the cost of the job before you need to go to the expense of engaging the services of an engineer.

4. Q. Can I remove a wall and install a beam and a load bearing wall without the services of a structural engineer?
A. No, removing a wall without an engineers’ report should never be done as without the correct calculation of beam size and method of removal, the structural integrity of the house/ unit could be affected.

5. Q. I live in a unit and would like to remove a wall and install a beam. What steps are required?
A. the Body Corporate in a Strata Building will require:-

  • An Engineers Report
  • A quote from a licensed builder
  • A copy of current builder’s insurances

On completion of beam installation The Body Corporate will require a certificate to be issued by the attending Structural Engineer to state that the works comply with the Engineers’ report

6. Q. Can chimneys be removed without an engineers report?
A. No, most chimneys are integral to the structural stability of the building and require careful removal. It the chimney stack is to be retained as many Council’s require, beams must be installed to stabilise the chimney and allow it to remain while the interior of the chimney is removed.

7. Q. On average, how long does it usually take to install a beam and remove a wall?

A. All jobs are different, however a simple beam installation and wall removal will take up to 3 days.

8.Q. Is it possible to still live in our home whilst the work is being completed?
A. Yes, in most cases that is possible, however each job is individual and various other factors need to be taken into account such as, the effect of fine dust on young children

9. Q. Do you have home Warranty Insurance?
A. Yes, up to $500,000

10. Q. Do you have Public Liability Insurance?
A. Yes, up to $5million per job.