Wall Removal


Wall removal and Beam Installation to create lighter, brighter space and open up living area – 2015 and 2016


SEPT 2016






JULY 2016


JUNE 2016


VARIOUS – Beam Installation and Wall Removal Work

Walls removed and multiple beams installed for roof reconstruction to take place 

Unusual Angled Beam Installation



Beam Installation and Wall Removal

Before Wall Removal                                                                   



Archway Wall Removal    


Before  Wall Removal                                                                  During Wall Removal


During Wall Removal                                                                          After Wall Removal


Before Wall Removal                                                                      After Wall Removal


                     Before Wall Removal                                           After Wall Removal



     Step by Step Process for Beam Installation and Wall Removal:-

  1. A Licensed an insured builder should attend an onsite meeting with the owner.  A visual inspection will be in most cases sufficient to tell the client which walls are load bearing and require beam installation.
  2. Non load bearing walls can be removed without a beam being installed.  However, these must be looked at very carefully, as in older houses these walls provide lateral stability to the structural integrity of the house and may require a post or pier to ensure stability.
  3. To install a beam/s in wall/s and remove walls that are load bearing walls.  First a Structural Engineer will need to be engaged to size the beams and posts if required, in conjunction with the builder to establish the most appropriate method of propping and installing the beam and posts, if required and removing the wall.
  4. Once the builder has the engineer s report, any electrical and plumbing fittings must be made sae before work can commence.
  5. The builder will then support the wall loads as specified by the engineer
  6. The builder then installs the beams, usually steel, but sometimes high strength timber, or concrete beams
  7. The engineer will inspect the beam at this stage or as required.
  8. The wall is then removed
  9. The support are then removed
  10. Electrician and plumber attend to relocate the services as required
  11. Wall/Walls are then rendered or gibrocked and then painted
  12. The Engineer will issue a Certificate to state all completed works  have been  carried out in accordance with the requirements of his report and to the appropriate standard